Antibiotics Causes Mental Illness

Antibiotics Could be to Blame for
Skyrocketing Mental Illness Rates

Anthony Gucciardi


October 19, 2011

bacteria9 210x131 Antibiotics Could be to Blame for Skyrocketing Mental Illness RatesA
new report published in the popular journal Nature has revealed that
antibiotics are permanently
destroying beneficial bacteria
 within the gut, a condition
scientists link to mental illness
. While it has been
known for some time that antibioticscontribute to
the development of drug-resistant superbugs and certain gut problems,
the link between antibiotic use and mental illness through the permanent destruction
of beneficial bacteria only further tops the pharmaceutical paradigm. In
fact, the pharmaceutical paradigm set in place by drug makers is so vast
that it actually offersdrug-based
‘solutions’ to the very problems that drugs originally created

Natural Society special report: More
than 1 in 10 Americans on Suicide-Linked Antidepressant

After kids are given excessive amounts of antibiotics that lead to the
destruction of their gut health and the subsequent onset of mental
illness, they are then given deadly
antipsychotics and other psychiatric drugs
 to ‘treat’ the condition
that originated
from pharmaceutical drug use
. It is a system that, whether
purposeful or not, generates large profits for many prescription-happy
doctors and drug manufacturers alike. Perhaps the most troubling part of
this system is the massive fraud committed by financially-invested
corporations to stop the truth about these drugs
and other mainstream medical ‘treatments’ from getting to the general

The pharmaceutical paradigm

The general public has the right to know that dangerous antipsychotics
are not going to ‘cure’ anything, and researchers have found that
simply improving
gut health and bacteria through probiotic supplementation or consumption
will make a profound difference in your mental health and clarity

“It may be that those changes in gut bacteria not
only contribute to the generation of gut symptoms, like diarrhea or
pain, but may also contribute to this altered behavior that we see in
those patients,” said
researcher Stephen Collins

It seems that many large corporations act as gatekeepers, doctoring
study results and attempting to discredit any research that endangers
profits. Unfortunately, there will always be greedy individuals willing
to go along with the scam. Such is the case with Dr. Scott Reuben, a
well-respected anesthesiologist who was the former chief of acute pain
of the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield Massachusetts. Dr. Reuben altered
the results of 21 studies
 to deceive customers into thinking that
Vioxx and Celebrex were safe. Of course this is not an isolated
incident, simply one that received mainstream attention.

Rejuvenating gut health

While the damage to beneficial bacteria may be permanent, you can still
utilize natural strategies to put that good bacteria back into the gut. Through
the consumption ofprobiotics,
you can restore beneficial bacteria that has been damaged through use of
antibiotics. It is possible to do this through either supplementation or
probiotic-rich foods, though you may find consuming such foods to be a
challenge. Fermented food items such as sauerkraut, tempeh, miso or
kefir are all rich sources of probiotic bacteria.

In addition to restoring beneficial bacteria into the gut through the
use of probiotics,eliminating
or severely reducing sugar intake
 will also be instrumental in
restoring gut health and eliminating mental illness. Not only will you
be improving your digestion and mental performance, you will be drastically
slashing your risk of cancer
, inflammation, and countless other

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