basic function of HCG

Basic function of HCG

The basic function of HCG found naturally in pregnant women, was originally, to keep the blood stream filled with nutrients which the fetus could consume throughout gestation. This function is now being utilized to make the HCG Diet work for everyone. Individuals, both men and women, who are using The HCG diet, are allowing their blood stream to be filled with nutrients that are taken from their stored fat. It is for this reason, that the HCG diet is recommended for individuals who are overweight.

It effectively drops the daily intake of calories to around 500, which is what we recommend during the Homeoppathic HCG Diet. Then, shortly after HCG is introduced, the body begins to derive its nutrient requirements, not just from the nutritional diet that is eaten every day, but also from the already existing stored fat. Thus the reserved fat is burned, in order to provide ATP molecules, and hence the energy. The HCG diet allows dieters to drop 1-2 lbs per day, aiding in weight reduction by reducing hunger, and burning the stored fat that has also been storing toxins.  Many find that  after a few weeks, the diet actually helps them to understand the consumption of more nutritious food, and why it is important to consume healthier proportion sizes.



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