Best way to Cheat on the HCG Diet

If I do cheat on the HCG Diet,
what's the best way to do it?

Start by drinking a large glass of water about 15 minutes before you eat. This definitely leaves less room for getting on a roll, and eating far more than you need to satisfy your hunger. Also, it has been found that many people confuse hunger with thirst. Sometimes being really thirsty is misinterpreted as hunger pangs. Try drinking a large glass of water and taking note of how it affects your appetite. You may find that you were not really hungry at all!


Many times during the diet, when I felt a little hungry, I had a cup of hot tea with Stevia in it. Much to my surprise, I found that afterwards I was not hungry at all. While Dr. Simeons claimed that you can have only a couple of his recommended teas, I reasoned that they have no calories, and I would enjoy ALL of my favorite teas throughout the diet, especially flavored green, red, and white tea. It worked great! I was almost never hungry, and never felt deprived of having something warm and tasty throughout the day.


If anything, I would consider cutting out coffee if it's not one of your favorite things. It has been known to create a false appetite, as well as deteriorating your health over time. It has also recently been proven that it does not give you a lift. After the first few cups, it merely takes you back to the level of energy that you had before ever drinking coffee. Therefore it does qualify as a drug…needing more to get you to the same level of satisfaction.


If you are not attending a major food fest, and you just WANT something wonderful to eat rather than what you have planned for your daily 500 calorie intake, try this. Find several very healthful low cal foods that you love, that you can add as a special treat, just once a week, as a treat for sticking to the diet for the rest of the week.  


Smoked Salmon is one of my favorite foods. It is definitely not on Dr. Simeon's diet. However, I have read so much over the years, about how healthful it is for you, that I decided to override Dr. Simeon's 40 year old diet ideas, and just add it to my regimen once a week…worked like a charm!


Blueberries…same thing! Some nutritionists even claim that blueberries can actually help you to lose weight and those stubborn extra inches around your waist. If nothing else, they help to support your vision, and they taste wonderful! Even frozen blueberries, defrosted in a little warm water with Stevia, can be a great desert / snack, that may keep you staying on the diet. There are many low cal foods that are very good for you, and taste great. It's worth figuring out what your favorites are, and how many calories they have, so you can fit them into your diet without going over the 500 calorie limit.




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