Cheat On the HCG Diet

Cheating on hcg diet

What happens if I cheat on the HCG Diet?

The worst that could happen, would be to not do the diet at all, because you have an event coming up next month, when you will definitely be eating a lot of food. Breaking the diet for one day, is something that nearly everyone has had to do, just once, just to see what happens. You may not lose a pound that day. You may even gain a pound, depending on how much you ate. However, you can just get back on the diet the next day, and continue as before…not a big deal.


If you have an important event coming up, like Thanksgiving or a party, etc, you can make that day one of your two “carb loading days”, which are required to begin the diet. Then you can eat whatever you like that day and also the next day, while using the HCG spray. On the third day, you can begin the calorie restricted part of the diet, because you will find that you are just not hungry. On the next day you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you have lost at least a pound!


Cheating during the first two weeks is not ideal, because during this time you are telling your brain to start burning your stored fat with all the toxins in it. After two weeks, the hypothalamus has developed a pattern to burn all that stubborn stored fat that has resisted all previous diets and exercise! This is a wonderful thing that you will want to stay with as long as possible, while you are working toward your desired goal.


During the diet, especially in the beginning, the two quarts minimum of water consumed daily, will definitely start getting you healthier and feeling better, because your body is getting the message that you’re taking care of it, and making it easier to function properly. If you doubt this, just try carrying a 20 pound bag of sugar around with you for a day, and see how tired you are by the end of the day. Amazing! We have been asking all of our organs to work harder to do this for us, every day for many years, in some cases. You will be amazed at how much energy you have at the end of the day after you lose your extra weight!



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