Craving Between Meals On Homeopathic HCG

Craving Between Meals On Homeopathic HCG

While On The Homeopathic HCG Diet, what do I do if I have a craving in between meals?    

Our brand of Homeopathic HCG is unique in the fact that you can spray additional rounds of HCG to dispel “in between meal cravings”, as needed, up to eight rounds per day. This is rarely necessary after the first few days, as most folks will tell you. “You just aren’t hungry anymore!” However, if you do get hungry in between breakfast and lunch, or between lunch and dinner, a small snack like a medium size apple, or a small bowl of strawberries, can actually make you feel like you’re eating all day long.

Given that the HCG handles the real hunger, These small meals that you’re eating throughout the day, keep your metabolism burning all day long. If you still have sweet memories of deserts and you’re longing for off the diet treats, a cup of hot or cold herbal tea with flavored Stevia, will usually kill your sweet tooth and get you past that feeling of being deprived.    

My favorite treat in between meal snack was fresh strawberries cut up and served in water sweetened with Stevia. Especially when strawberries were not quite sweet yet, in early spring, this helped me to feel like I was still having desert. Although blueberries were not on Dr. Simeon’s diet list, I added them to mine, because we have recently found that they are one of the best foods to help you to get a smaller waistline, and they are one of the most highly nutritious foods out there. I figured that if I’m going to cheat on this diet, it’s better to do it with something that’s so good for you, that it won’t throw you off ketosis, or into a psychological tailspin that makes you feel like giving up on the diet altogether.    

Keep in mind that the diet doesn’t have to last forever. For most folks, it’s just a few short weeks if you do it according to the directions. Focusing on how slim you will soon be, can often shift your attitude of “missing out on something” to one of “really looking forward to being your ideal weight again.”  Many people actually find themselves looking forward to jumping out of bed each morning and heading for the scale to see the progress that they made.

After years of unsuccessful attempts at dieting, this is a pretty spectacular experience!     The one great unexpected side effect that we heard from many of our customers was that after the Homeopathic HCG  diet was over, they had rebalanced their metabolism and thought of food differently. They consistently found themselves making much healthier food choices, and became much more likely to stop eating when they were full. The metabolism stayed balanced, and their whole attitude about eating switched from being a compulsion, to making conscious choices about eating foods that keep you healthy and slim.  What a pleasant surprise!   


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