Differences between the HCG diet Sprays and HCG diet Drops

Main differences between the HCG diet sprays and the HCG diet drops,
The HCG diet sprays and the HCG diet drops offer the same results. The
only difference is that one is in a mini-spray bottle and the drops come
with a dropper in the bottle. Most  hcg Drops have added alcohol to the
nix, to ensure that bacteria from possible contamination from the users
mouth Does not incubate. The point of the spray is so there is not any
contamination by letting the dropper touch your mouth. You won’t taste
any alcohol. in the sprays, as it is not needed. Some Sprays are
completely tastelessThere are also others such as HCG injections, HCG diet spray,
lotions, oral sprays and oral HCG drops. The results between the
injections, oral spray and oral drops are all similar.You Have to remember that the weight loss comes from the VLCD diet
The Drops, the Spray and even the injections. only help to mobilize the
fat, reset the metabolism, and control the hunger.Failing to follow Dr. SimeonsVery Low Calorie Diet will result in a guaranteed failure.No amount of drops, sprays, or injections will bring about weight loss without the VLCD.


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