Exercising after the hcg diet

The benefits of exercising after the hcg diet

The benefits of exercising after the hcg diet, are too numerous to be able to talk about in one article. so I’m going to address one aspect that is not commonly spoken about. Circulation, we all have heard about how important it is for our heart, nothing new. I’lll attempt to explain why and some of the other side effects, great side effects, beneficial side effects.The heart is a pump. It pumps blood. so when you exercise your heart has to work harder. But that’s only a  half truth.Your heart is not the only pump in your body. Every time you flex a muscle you are squeezing the blood vessels and forcing your blood to move, much like your heart does. Your heart rate increases, and your blood pressure increases to accommodate the demands of the muscles. The goodnews is that your heart does not have to produce all the pressure. Your muscles in exercise are aiding in the pressure. The heart and the rest of your body benifits from the extra oxygen, without having to work. It’s a lot easier to push a cart up hill with two people than one. Bottom line is the more rigorous the exercise,- the more muscle and movement-, the easier it is to circulate and oxygenate your blood. Your heart gets a boost of oxygen and nutrients while your heart just cruises along. That is what makes the cardio routines so beneficial.The lymphatic system is also dependent on body motion to circulate. Your cells get under pressure when you flex your muscles which means that toxins in the cells and nutrients for the cells get processed
faster. Your cells get a big dose of oxygen.,and Your cells, your heart, your liver, your lungs etc. all get healthier and stronger.It’s a win win situation. So after you loose all that weight with the homeopathic hcg diet., make sure you add exercise to your daily routine. Your body will love you for it;


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