HCG Diet claim of 40 lbs in forty days


The HCG Diet claim of 40 lbs in forty days or 25 pounds in 25 days doesn't sound like very much if you have never dieted.  However, the percentage of people who have never dieted is very small.  This percentage is composed of people who seemingly, can eat anything and everything, at anytime, and as often as they want. Those are the lucky few who have no need for a weight loss protocol. Their success in maintaining a high metabolism, is usually due to good eating habits. Eating several small meals of healthy food throughout the day, usually serves to keep the weight down, since the body is getting the nutrients it needs, and the metabolism is continually instructed to keep on working.



Many of us have been struggling with our weight for most of our lives.

Genetics, thyroid dysfunction, poor metabolism, just to name a few, are the excuses we commonly use, to justify obesity.

There is an old saying "Knowledge is Power", and when it comes to weight loss, nothing could be closer to the truth.

After my experience with the HCG Diet I learned and  understood that what I put in my mouth did matter. The consequences of my choices were reflected back to me when I got on the scale the next morning. That reinforced, repetitive learning experience that I got morning after morning, drove home the fact that it really does matter what I eat. The digital scale does not lie, and I could not make any excuses because I saw the truth.

All my excuses that I came up with did not change the reading!


Like you, I have been on all kinds diets for the last 20 years, they were filled with a mixture of partial successes and failures. The HCG Diet is the first diet, where I felt like I could lose those pounds, and keep them off.  That knowledge that I gained every morning drove me to try something different.  I can’t tell you how inspired I was to follow through with this diet, and lose the weight. Permanently.

I was determined…and now I have lost tmy extra weight and kept it off for months!  I find myself even thinking about food differently. I somehow learned along the way, to eat smaller portions, because I gradually noticed that I could stop eating when I was full. New concept …LOL!  I even consider the difference between how I feel after eating a piece of pizza and chocolate cake, as opposed to a piece of smoked Salmon and a salad…amazing! These were two, totally unexpected attitude adjustments, shared by many of my friends on the diet, after they had reached their desired weight.




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