HCG Diet Tips

Hot HCG Diet Tips on How to Get Started

  • 1. Eat all your favorite snacks that you have stored in your house, during your
    first 2 carb loading days. Give away any left over snacks that may tempt you on the first few days of your diet. 

  • 2. Inform anyone that you may have been cooking for, that they will be on their own during the duration of your diet., if they’re not joining you.  You don’t need to be tempted with gourmet meals that you cook for someone else!

  • 3. Buy enough food that you plan to eat on your diet, so you have it on hand when you need it.

  • 4. Buy a small kitchen scale, so you can measure accurate 4 oz. portions.

  • 5. Get 2 or 3 empty quart bottles for water. Fill them up in the morning, and make sure you drink it all by the end of the day…very important!

  • 6. Safeway sells organic chicken, that you can cut into bite size pieces (for fast cooking). Divide them into 4 oz. portions and put into small baggies, and store in the freezer.  Also measure out 4 oz. fish, shrimp, etc. & put into baggies for freezing.

  • 7. Buy lemons, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Costco’s No Salt Seasoning, for tasty “fast food” meals – fish or chicken.

  • 8. Buy a bathroom scale and measuring tape if you don’t have them. Weigh and
    measure your self, and take a “before” photo. You’ll be glad you did!

  • 9. Promise yourself that you will not even think of cheating on the diet, especially during the crucial first 2 weeks, while you are resetting your metabolism.

  • 10. If you feel like cheating call me first, so I can talk you out of it…or just cheat that one time, gain a pound that day, and get back on the diet the next day



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