HCG Spray Usage

How to use the HCG Spray

When the HCG Diet was first developed By Dr. Simeons, he used injections as the means to deliver the substance into the body. He used injections, specifically to avoid having the HCG rendered useless by coming in contact with the existing HCL in the stomach. Since the digestive system would naturally alter the HCG when they came in contact with each other, he had to use an alternate method. As a doctor, he naturally chose injections as the alternate method. Fortunately, we now know that there are better ways to introduce the HCG into the body. The HCG Homeopathic oral spray and drops, applied under the tongue, are the two most popular methods used today.
The drop users have a knee jerk reaction of swallowing before the HCG gets completely absorbed. It's a habit built into all of us. The drops also get diluted with the saliva, and lose some of the potency. As a solution to all of this, the HCG spray became the most effective means of delivery, because when the spray goes directly under the tongue, it instantly covers a larger membrane area all at once. The soft tissue under the tongue is continually flooded with 7 undiluted sprays, ensuring full absorption.
When using the spray remember to use 7 short sprays, just enough to get your tongue moist. If you do 7 long sprays, or extra rounds, you may run out of HCG before you complete the diet. If this occurs, we now have available a half bottle for you to purchase, so you can finish the last couple of weeks of the diet. Seven quick sprays, three times a day, is all you normally need to get the stored fat to start melting away. It will eliminate your hunger pangs as you continue the diet, until you get to your desired weight.


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