HCG weight loss cures Obesity


cureHCG weight loss

HCG Weight Loss  cures Obesity. fat cure
It all started with the word Convenience. We are so wrapped up with our  busy lives, pushing buttons,   eating in restaurants, using fast foods to save time, and eating TV Dinners just to name a few. We forgot that the reason we use them is to save time. What really happens is that we pack our day with more things to do because we seem to have more time, and yet, we run out of time. It turns out to be a catch 22 situation.  
Going back a few years, you had to grow your own food, prepare it, cook it yourself, and finally eat it. That process took all day, every day, and it was so time consuming that one person could not do it all. The jobs were split up and assigned, for what ever reason, to different members of the family. For the sake of convenience, the more people who participated, the less each person had to do. Families were a lot larger then, thus everyone had more time for themselves, which was convenient for a time.
Business increased because they figured out a way to save everybody some time. The food business became insanely profitable.A lot of new businesses flourished as a result of the food preparation challenge, and a huge industry grew out of this. So our initial inconvenience eventually produced profits for large corporations.  The food industry has basically figured out a way to get repeat customers and cut losses by preserving our foods through the marvels of chemistry.   
  1. We have MSG which is now classified as natural food additive, refined sugars and processed corn syrups, which have captured an addicted a huge repeat customer base.
  2. Artificial sugar substitutes were introduced to cut the cost of production. They do so much damage, that no one can pinpoint exactly what they do to the body.
  3. Next we have chemical preservatives to make the products last longer, and damage your health further.
All of this results in big profits for the sake of your convenience. Here is how it all impacts us personally.  There are two kinds of fat and I’m only going to talk about the yellow fat, more commonly referred to as Mobile Fat. This is the stuff that gets packed around your belly, butt, thighs, and upper arms. The fat is yellow because it’s not just fat. If your body can’t process the amount of toxins, chemicals and fat, then it stores the chemicals, in the fat, so your body can hopefully deal with it later. It’s temporarily a safe place where it can’t do any damage. It’s basically, contaminated fuel storage. Your body doesn’t want to deal with it, until it requires more fuel that we are consuming on a daily basis.  


Enter the HCG weight loss Protocol.

  1. HCG tells your body where to go to get the fuel (from yellow fat) that it might need.
  2. Then you create the need with a low calorie diet. My fat cure
 That low cal diet forces the body to get more fuel because the blood sugar levels are calling for more fuel. The HCG tells the body where to get the stored fat It’s a real solution to a complex problem.  That is why It works!  




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