Homeopathic HCG Better Business Bureau

FARGO – A weight-loss fad that claims to spray the fat away might
sound like a dream to the millions of Americans who suffer from obesity.

But the increasingly popular HCG diet that asks
people to spray or inject a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women
while slashing their daily caloric intake has found a formidable critic
in the Better Business Bureau.

The watchdog organization recently issued an alert cautioning people
about the HCG diet because it could be dangerous.

Yet many who have
tried it say the diet has helped them drop a lot of weight in a short
amount of time when nothing else had previously worked.

“I’ve been on a million diets,” says Naomi Wawers, who lives in
Fargo. “I’ve taken different vitamins and pills in the past that made me
feel kind of crazy.”

But Wawers says that with the HCG diet offered by the Fargo business
Spray Your Fat Away,  didn’t feel unusual from the spray and she never
felt like she was putting something unnatural in her body.

She also lost 40 pounds in less than two months.



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