Homeopathic HCG Diet Has Successfully Tamed My Appetite

Even though the Homeopathic HCG Diet has successfully tamed my appetite and omitted my cravings, I’m used to having 3 meals a day. Is there any way I can have 3 meals and still make the diet work for me?   That is actually a very good question. Most people need to satisfy a psychological hunger even when the physical hunger is absent. At the time when Dr. Simeons created the HCG diet, people thought that  if you skipped a meal you would lose weight, so if you skipped two meals, you would lose more weight. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case. Many small meals throughout the day are far more effective at dropping the pounds, than one or two large meals.   We now know that skipping meals is not always ideal because the body is so incredibly smart. It figures out pretty quick, that if you skip meals it has to live on fewer calories to survive so it kicks into what I call “famine mode.” The down side of this amazing flexibility is that it optimizes every calorie, even after you start eating normally again. Then the weight is likely to pile back on, and thus the yoyo diet is born.   The Homeopathic HCG Diet is the first opportunity we have had to break that frustrating cycle. In order to keep the body from going into famine mode and sucking up every calorie, I recommend a very different approach. The word “Breakfast” means exactly that, Break Fast. After (hopefully) not eating for many hours through the night, you are ready to wake up your metabolism again by eating some real food as opposed to a no calorie stimulant like coffee. Although many people do start their day with coffee, and continue drinking it throughout the day, it is a very dangerous habit that can destroy your kidneys and eventually take it’s toll on your health. When the Homeopathic HCG diet was first created decades ago, most people were largely unaware about how damaging coffee was to your health. Today many of us prefer Green red, or white tea to start their day, so they can benefit from the high level of antioxidants that it offers.   Instead of the Dr. Simeons recommended two meals a day, and coffee for breakfast, I recommend splitting the second meal in two, and having the first half for breakfast.  Granted…two ounces of chicken and a small salad is not the most exciting breakfast, but it’s far better that a cup of black coffee, which can also create a false appetite, and throw your blood sugar out of balance as well. The two ounces of protein and small salad, are not only more fulfilling physically and psychologically, it also kicks in your metabolism and potentially burns even more calories. Many of our customers have claimed that they’ve not even wanted that last half meal at the end of the day, but we recommend that you still get a total of 8 ounces of protein in each day.  


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