Posted on Jul 17, 2017


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What is the difference between Oral HCG and HCG injections? HCG drops are produced by synthesizing the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) formula and suspending it into a sublingual mixture. That mixture–the HCG drops–is then administered under the tongue and absorbed into the body. Our HCG drops do not require a prescription, are completely in...

Posted on Dec 12, 2010

Typical Homeopathic HCG Diet

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Typical Homeopathic HCG Diet Drinking water is a MUST – Drink at least 2 liters per day. Need a clean source of water and I don’t mean Brita or bottled water then click Here? During the first 2 days of using Homeopathic HCG Diet Directs plan…EAT UP! Eat fatty foods and eat LOTS of...

Posted on Oct 31, 2010

HCG Spray Usage

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How to use the HCG Spray When the HCG Diet was first developed By Dr. Simeons, he used injections as the means to deliver the substance into the body. He used injections, specifically to avoid having the HCG rendered useless by coming in contact with the existing HCL in the stomach. Since the digestive...

Posted on Aug 26, 2010

Homeopathic HCG Diet and H2O

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Drinking more water while on the HCG Diet before meals can help promote weight loss. Drinking more water before meals, especially while on the HCG Diet, can help promote weight loss. Scientists recently reported results of a  new clinical trial confirming that just two 8-ounce glasses of water,  taken before meals, enables people to shed pounds even more...

Posted on Aug 08, 2010

basic function of HCG

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Basic function of HCG The basic function of HCG found naturally in pregnant women, was originally, to keep the blood stream filled with nutrients which the fetus could consume throughout gestation. This function is now being utilized to make the HCG Diet work for everyone. Individuals, both men and women, who are using The HCG...

Posted on Aug 04, 2010

Water and hcg diet

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Water is such an important factor  in any hcg diet.   Health Benefits of Water while on the HCG Diet Although water contains no calories and may contain no micronutrients, it is an indispensable aid to digestion, nutrient absorption and waste-elimination. It also helps regulate circulation, body temperature and a host of other biochemical...

Posted on Jul 05, 2010

HCG weight loss cures Obesity

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  cure   HCG Weight Loss  cures Obesity. fat cure   It all started with the word Convenience. We are so wrapped up with our  busy lives, pushing buttons,   eating in restaurants, using fast foods to save time, and eating TV Dinners just to name a few. We forgot that the reason we use them is...

Posted on Jun 22, 2010

Why HCG Spray Rocks!

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    Why HCG Spray Rocks! Traditional diets and exercises don’t work as well. Everyone knows that, and very few are successful at helping you to lose weight and keep it off for any length of time. Losing weight has been a losing battle…UNTIL NOW!  WITH HOMEOPATHIC HCG SPRAY It’s no longer an uncomfortable ordeal,...

Posted on Jun 19, 2010

HCG bmi calculator

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Don't know what you ideal weight is then have some fun and check out the Body Mass Index calculator below. You might be  surprised. Calculate you Body Mass Index (BMI)  BMI Calculator          less than 19 Unterweight 19 to 25 Normal weight 25 to 30 Over weight   30 to 35...

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