Typical Homeopathic HCG Diet

Typical Homeopathic HCG Diet

Drinking water is a MUST – Drink at least 2 liters per day.
Need a clean source of water and I don’t mean Brita or bottled
water then click

During the first 2 days of using Homeopathic HCG Diet Directs
plan…EAT UP! Eat fatty foods and eat LOTS of them! It is an
important "jumpstart" to your metabolism and to set the
appropriate HCG levels. This is done by spending the first 2
days of the diet, eating and establishing a baseline…so don\’t
be shy. Eat all those high calorie, fatty foods you love for 2
days straight.

Following the 2 day "jumpstart" HCG is to be used for *23
days while following a set of low calorie intake instructions.
After this 23 day period, discontinue use of the HCG but
continue with the dieting. This is done to ensure the HCG has
been flushed out of your system by day 26.


Typical Breakfast:


Unlimited tea or coffee free of any sugar, however Saccharin
(SWEET\’N LOW┬«) or Stevia can be used. In a 24-hr period one
tablespoon of milk is allowed, you can choose to use it in your


Typical Lunch:

1. Enjoy 100 grams of any one of the following: beef, turkey,
chicken breast, fresh white fish, crab, lobster or shrimp.

2. Chose any one of the following vegetables; asparagus,
green salad, celery, onions, beet-greens, cucumbers, chard,
spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, fennel, chicory or red radishes.

3. Enjoy one breadstick (grissini) or one piece of Melba

4. And Chose 1cup strawberries, 1cup blueberries, 1 apple or
one-half orange or grapefruit.


Typical Dinner:

The same as lunch choices.

While on the HCG diet, tea, coffee, mineral water and plain
water can be consumed at all times in any quantity. The use of a
single lemon is permitted for any purpose. Additionally, salt
(in minimal amounts), pepper, mustard powder, sweet basil,
parsley, marjoram, vinegar, garlic, thyme, etc are permitted for
seasoning. OIL, BUTTER or DRESSING is not permitted.


weekly Menu

  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Breakfast Coffee, Tea Coffee, Tea Coffee, Tea Coffee, Tea Coffee, Tea Coffee, Tea Coffee, Tea
Lunch Spicy Taco Salad Chicken Lettuce Wraps Spicy Shrimp & Salad Buffalo Chicken Salad Shrimp, Tomato & Melba White Fish & Green Salad Chicken Fajitas
Dinner Chicken w/ Marinara sauce Rosemary Cod & Asparagus Bun-less Turkey burgers Chilean Sea Bass & Asparagus Chicken Lettuce Wraps Grilled Steak and Asparagus Meatballs & Marinara
Snack Fruit Medley Blueberry Cobbler  Grapefruit Strawberries Orange Slushy Strawberry Orange Smoothie Apples with Strawberry Sauce

It is important to determine the meal options that work best for
you. Above is simply one possibility of a weekly meal planner.
Make sure you read "Pounds and Inches" a complete instruction
guide before you begin our Homeopathic HCG Diet. Don’t forget,
you can connect with other dieters at our
to see what’s working with them. It’s a great resource.
Additionally, you will receive tips, rules, suggested shopping
lists and menus.

*This Typical plan is based off our 26-30 Day diet plan.
Other options are available


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